Orange’s “WoMen’s Football” advertisement has made history by winning the Entertainment for Sport Grand Prix at Cannes Lions, showcasing a significant moment in the advancement of women’s sports and the quality of marketing associated with it. The ad, created by the French telecommunications company Orange and agency Marcel Paris, gained attention for shedding light on gender bias in soccer and has been recognized for its powerful message. This recognition comes at a time when women’s sports are gaining more visibility and marketing efforts are becoming more creative and engaging.

The ad, which was released before the 2023 Fifa Women’s World Cup, aimed to bring attention to the women’s national team and challenge biases that exist in sports. Marcel used a unique visual technique to showcase the elite level of women’s soccer by editing highlights from women’s games and overlaying men’s movements onto the women’s bodies. This clever trick initially made viewers believe they were watching a men’s game, only to reveal that it was actually the women showcasing their skills on the field.

The success of the ad exceeded the creators’ expectations, going viral globally and sparking conversations about the challenges and misconceptions faced by female athletes. It has also contributed to broader discussions about gender inequalities in various industries. The impact of the ad has been significant, with 92% of viewers indicating that it changed their perception of women’s soccer.

The timing of Orange’s campaign aligns with the growing momentum behind women’s sports, as evidenced by the rising revenue projections for women’s sports in the coming years. The reaction to the ad reflects a positive shift in attitudes towards women’s sports, with more platforms now showing support and coverage for women’s competitions. While Orange may not have single-handedly transformed the landscape of women’s sports, it has played a role in driving change and challenging stereotypes.

The success of Orange’s “WoMen’s Football” ad at Cannes Lions signifies a turning point in women’s sports marketing, highlighting the power of creativity and positivity in reshaping perceptions and celebrating athletic excellence. This achievement reinforces the importance of promoting gender equality in sports and creating opportunities for female athletes to shine on a global stage. Orange’s groundbreaking campaign serves as a reminder of the impact that innovative marketing strategies can have in driving meaningful change and inspiring audiences to rethink their views on women’s sports.