Olivia Dunne, a star gymnast at Louisiana State University, has recently made headlines for her decision not to participate in the viral dance trend inspired by South African singer Tyla. While many have taken to TikTok to showcase their own versions of the dance, Dunne revealed in a video that she will be keeping her dance in the drafts.

The video, which featured Dunne in casual attire, quickly gained popularity with 1.3 million views. In the caption, she humorously mentioned having the Tyla dance but also having a boyfriend, referencing her relationship with Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Paul Skenes.

Dunne has been spotted cheering on Skenes at Pirates games, where he has been making a name for himself with an impressive 2.29 ERA and 53 strikeouts before a recent game against the Tampa Bay Rays. The Pirates, with a record of 37-39, currently sit in third place in the National League Central division.

Tyla, the artist behind the viral dance, released her debut album earlier this year, which climbed to No. 24 on the US charts and reached No. 11 in The Netherlands. The dance craze inspired by her music has taken social media by storm, with users across platforms trying their hand at the energetic moves.

It’s clear that Dunne’s decision to keep her dance video in the drafts was a lighthearted one, reflecting her playful personality and sense of humor. As a talented athlete and supportive partner, she continues to capture the attention of fans both on and off the field.

While the Tyla dance may not be making an appearance on Dunne’s TikTok account, her presence in the sports world and social media sphere remains strong. Fans can look forward to seeing more of her exciting adventures and candid moments as she navigates the worlds of gymnastics, relationships, and pop culture.