Trade rumors surrounding Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns have been making headlines this offseason, but Durant himself is setting the record straight. Reports emerged during the 2024 NBA Draft suggesting that the Houston Rockets were looking to acquire Durant from the Suns after a trade deal with the Brooklyn Nets. Additionally, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith mentioned on “First Take” that the Suns were looking to part ways with Durant.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Sports, Durant dismissed these rumors as false. He expressed his frustration with the constant speculation and attention-grabbing headlines. Durant emphasized that he is committed to the Suns and is focused on winning championships with the team.

Despite the ongoing rumors, Suns GM James Jones reiterated that Durant remains a key part of the team’s plans. Durant still has two seasons left on his contract with the Suns, which pays him an average of $48.55 million annually. The 36-year-old NBA veteran is determined to continue performing at a high level and chasing his goal of winning a championship.

Durant’s priority right now is representing Team USA at the Paris Olympics and aiming for another gold medal. He remains focused on his basketball career and is eager to bring success to the Suns. Despite the distractions caused by trade rumors, Durant remains dedicated to his team and his ultimate goal of winning an NBA championship.

As Durant enters his 17th NBA season, fans can expect to see him continue to deliver impressive performances on the court. His talent and determination make him a valuable asset to the Phoenix Suns, and he is determined to help the team reach its full potential in the upcoming season. Stay tuned for more updates on Durant and the Suns as they prepare for the challenges ahead.