As Nika Kvekveskiri stood at the penalty spot, the hopes of Georgia rested on his shoulders. If he scored, Georgia would qualify for Euro 2024, if he missed, it would mean more heartbreak for the fans.

Assistant coach David Webb held his breath along with the team as Kvekveskiri took his shot. The nation watched in anticipation as he scored, securing Georgia’s first-ever qualification for a major tournament.

The victory sparked celebrations across the country, with fans flooding the pitch and players rejoicing in the dressing room. Webb recalls the emotional scenes with a smile, reminiscing about the joyous chaos that ensued.

For Webb, this moment was unforgettable, and it has continued to provide lasting memories. His coaching career took an unexpected turn when he joined the Georgian national team as an assistant coach. Webb’s approach focuses on understanding players on a deeper level, creating an environment for them to thrive.

His ability to empathize with people stems from his childhood, where he felt a strong connection to others. Webb’s background in sport psychology has given him an edge in coaching, allowing him to see the game from a unique perspective.

Webb’s journey to coaching the Georgian national team began with a chance encounter with former French international Willy Sagnol. Impressed by Webb’s approach to the game, Sagnol offered him a position as an assistant coach.

In his role, Webb focused on both coaching and mental strengthening, conducting personal interviews with players to understand their needs. He was struck by the humility and passion of the Georgian players, qualities that he believes contributed to their success.

Ahead of the tournament in Germany, Webb believes Georgia can compete with top teams despite being underdogs. Led by talented players like Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, Georgia aims to make a mark in the competition.

As Georgia prepares to face Turkey in their first game, Webb reflects on the journey that led him to this moment. Coaching Georgia at a major tournament is a surreal experience for Webb, who is excited about the opportunity to showcase the team’s potential on a European stage.