After Luka Dončić and the Dallas Mavericks lost the first two games of the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics, they received advice from two NBA champions. Warriors center Kevon Looney and Draymond Green discussed what adjustments the Mavericks need to make in Game 3 to secure a win.

Looney emphasized the importance of offensive adjustments, noting that the Celtics are not scoring a high number of points or shooting well from the 3-point line. He highlighted the need for Luka to get his role players more involved early in the game to establish a rhythm. Looney pointed out that role players often struggle if they do not start the game well, affecting their confidence and performance later on.

The Mavericks, known for their 3-point shooting during the regular season, struggled from beyond the arc in Game 2, shooting just 23.1 percent. Their missed free throws and lack of offensive rhythm contributed to their 7-point loss despite Dončić’s impressive triple-double performance.

Green echoed Looney’s sentiments, emphasizing that the Mavericks’ offensive struggles have impacted their defense. He highlighted Irving’s shooting struggles and suggested that the eight-time All-Star guard is getting to his spots but failing to convert his shots.

As the series heads into a pivotal Game 3, the Mavericks can learn from the adjustments made by the Warriors champions. Finding the right offensive pace, getting role players involved, and improving shooting efficiency will be key for Dallas to bounce back and secure a win on their home court. Stay tuned for more insights on the upcoming games in the NBA Finals.