Amed Rosario, a player for the Tampa Bay Rays, experienced a frightening moment during a game in Pittsburgh when he was hit in the face by a 99.6 mph fastball thrown by rookie pitcher Jared Jones. The impact of the pitch caused Rosario to quickly leave the game, with his teammate Jose Siri rushing to his side and calling for the team trainer.

Despite the scary incident, Rosario was able to walk off the field with the help of the trainers, holding an ice pack to his mouth. Fortunately, the blow was somewhat softened by a flap on Rosario’s helmet, preventing any serious injuries. While he did suffer facial lacerations, the good news is that he is not expected to be placed on the injured list.

Rosario, who has played for multiple teams since his MLB debut in 2017, was only the fifth batter of the game that Jones hit with a pitch. However, the rookie pitcher managed to settle down and deliver an impressive performance, pitching seven innings with two runs and eight strikeouts to help the Pirates secure a 4-3 victory over the Rays.

Before the incident, Rosario had been performing well with a batting average of .301 and a .739 OPS, showcasing his versatility by playing both in the outfield and infield positions. Despite the setback, Rosario’s resilience and determination are evident as he continues to contribute to his team’s success on the field.

It is moments like these that highlight the inherent risks and dangers that professional athletes face every time they step onto the field. The importance of safety equipment, such as helmets, cannot be understated in protecting players from serious injuries during high-speed plays like fastballs.

As fans and spectators, it is crucial to appreciate the skill and dedication of these athletes while also recognizing the physical toll and risks they undertake in pursuit of their passion for the game. Rosario’s ability to walk away from such a harrowing incident with resilience and determination is a testament to the strength and character of professional athletes in the face of adversity.