I think that it is a lie. We have the whole week trained defense, it sounded convincing from coach Glen Riddersholm.

It was none could see, and the goals rattled again behind an quit Sebastian Mielitz, who, in the last four matches has been crossed 14 times.

Maybe it was an idea that Jutland got hold of some metres of the much-heralded vildsvinehegn.

Even if the veteran Kees Luijckx has long since forgiven and taken into favour, there is no steering in the rear rank.

– We sailed around, said the normally so solid Stefan Gartenmann, as in today’s occasion was partnered at the back instead of the karantæneramte Patrick Banggaard.

– We are a bit ashamed of what we did today. It was under all criticism.

– We can not be the bet you know. We were uncertain from the start and never came upstairs, said Stefan Gartenmann.

the Mood was after the game the pressure in southern Jutland-the camp after an effort, as coach Glen Riddersholm described as a collective trough.

Why he, incidentally, against the battle’s end should have a warning in order to continue to be able to live up to her new epithet, Yellow Glen, could south Jutland-the trainer does not even answer.

– have not got a Clue. I was not in dialogue with either the one or the other, ” replied Glen Riddersholm.

The one and the other were, respectively, Benjamin Willaume-Jantzen with the flute with Sandi Putros as 4. judge, and they can be both on someone bring itself in focus.

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