the DR has just announced the first three artists, as march goes on stage at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020.

And it will be among other former X Factor contestants Benjamin Rosenbohm and Tanne Balcells, as the danes are allowed to experience in the song contest.

It writes

Benjamin Rosenbohm and Tanne Balcells has formed the group Leg + Tan and make up with the song ‘Yes’.

On the stage they get competition from the 23-year-old singer Sander Sanchez, who puts up with the song ‘Screens’, as well as 28-year-old Kenny Duerlund, who puts up with the song ‘Forget It All’.

The three performers are chosen by the danes and voted on to the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020 through a nationwide vote.

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It is a somewhat different model, as the DR in the years have selected, when the finalists of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020 must be found, and it is for a good reason.

It tells the spokesperson and senior editor for the Danish Melodi Grand Prix, Gustav Lützhøft, in an email to Ekstra Bladet.

’In the years, we have laid emphasis on the fact that the danes should be able to learn the songs and the soloists in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix even better to know. We want to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in higher degree should be about the music, musikskrivning and musical tastes rather than only to be a competition, which takes place a simple evening’, he writes.

’Why is it already here end of January, that all the songs come out so you can hear them for example on the streaming services.’

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All of the songs can be heard at the end of the month, which, however, means that the already published songs will have been available to the listeners for a longer time and therefore, the listeners can reach to get to know them better.

DR rejects, however, that it gives an unfair advantage to them.

’part of the songs, that goes on, will be known in two weeks ‘ time, longer than the rest. But with the very long inlet towards the show 7. march, we do not believe, it makes the big difference. Only when all the songs are on the place next Friday, guys we are really up for the cannon compared to few people to know the songs,’ writes Gustav Lützhøft.

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17-year-old Benjamin Rosenbohm and 22-year-old Tanne Balcells were both famous when they took part in ‘the X Factor’ in 2019.

‘the X Factor’-the participants Benjamin Rosenbohm and Tanne Balcells get the chance the 7. march. Photo: DR/Agnete Schlichkrull

Tanne Balcells was a part of Oh Land’s composite group Echo, who reached the semi-final, while Benjamin Rosenbohm got a second place in the popular sangprogram.

On their song, ‘Yes’, said in a press release:

– ‘Yes’ is all about, you need to be open to love and not reject it, because it does not fit into livsplanerne, and that perhaps it’s going to hurt. For it one can also learn something.

the Danes also voted Sander Sanchez in the final. Photo: DR/Agnete Schlichkrull

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the 23-year-old Sander Sanchez, who puts up with the song ‘Screens’, however, is not known in the general public, but is studying musicology at Copenhagen University.

He plays the piano and guitar and has appeared in several musicals, just as he has appeared several times to the Aarhus Festival and in the LGBTQ+community.

Music for me is a haven, where one strong and beautiful can express all the feelings and expression of feelings is inside and ‘Screens’ is about the tendency we all have to live in our own little bubble with a screen in front of us, he said in a press release.

Musical-actor Kenny Duerlund should also try Melody Grand Prix. Photo: DR/Agnete Schlichkrull

The last artist, which was published on Friday, is 28-year-old Kenny Duerlund from Odense. He got a taste of the music, when he went to school and also have a great passion for acting.

Kenny Duerlund have played one of the two main roles in the musical ‘Evita’ side by side with Annette Heick.

On his song, ‘Forget It All’, he says in a press release:

– We all have something in the backpack, as we have turned us on. Something that inhibits and limits us. Some times you meet a man, who gets you to forget everything and reset it all, which can be very healthy. Therefore, ‘Forget It All’ is a song everybody can relate to, says in a press release.

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After the danes now have selected the first three artists to melodigrandprixet, a musikfaglig jury handing out the so-called final-the wild cards to two of the songs that was not voted on by the danes.

They, along with five other artists to melodigrandprixet published 31. January.

the Danish Melodi Grand Prix is held in the Royal Arena in Copenhagen from 7. march.

The three songs, ‘Yes’, ‘Screens’ and ‘Forget It All’ can be heard on Spotify or on