Uroplagede Lebanon on Tuesday evening Danish time a new government after months of protests.

It happens, a month after Hassan Diab with the backing of the Hezbollah movement, was appointed as the new prime minister of Lebanon after Saad Hariri’s departure.

Hassan Diabs first task is to get a handle on the many protests and protesters, who have called Diabs departure, as well as the ailing economy in the country.

In a speech on Tuesday, says Diab, that his foremost task will be to meet the protesters ‘ demands.

– It is a government that represents the aspirations of the protestors have had during the three months-long protests across the country, says Hassan Diab, according to the AFP news agency.

– the Government will aim to meet their requirements for an independent judiciary, for the recovery of the embezzlement and of the fight against illegal profits, he says.

Hassan Diab has previously been education minister in a lebanese government, which, according to the protesters was deeply corrupt.

Additionally, many are dissatisfied with the shia Hezbollah movement supports his appointment as prime minister.

The political impasse which Lebanon has found itself in recent months, has created the worst economic crisis in the country since the civil war from 1975 to 1990.

Lebanon’s new finance minister, Ghazi Wazni, said after the form a government, that Lebanon needs financial help from the outside.

He believes that the country must soon decide what it does with a bond loan of 1.2 billion dollars, which will expire in march.

– the Government must take a stand now, for it did the previous government do not. The closed eyes of euroobligationen, says the minister of finance.

– We have several crises, which are very large and surpasses the lengths crises in the past. We are on the verge of collapse, and if we keep on like this, we go bankrupt, he says, according to news agency Reuters.