Kenny Nielsen has chosen to write a letter to the person who killed his wife and son.

He has not yet sent the letter to the 24-year-old man from Latvia, which with a bac at 1.46 slammed his car up in the car, where Kenny’s family sat. It is his plan to get the letter in the lettens direction, but until now he has shared the letter on Facebook.

‘I hope that people will read it here and think an extra time before running drink-driving, the impact on others is greater, than anyone really can imagine. For me, the importance has been difficult to describe. This one act has had influence on our father, family, friends, daughter’s friends, son’s friends, schools, people from our jobs, and even people we don’t know’, he writes in the open letter.

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Trafikulykken came to pass, when Kenny’s wife had stopped in an intersection on Hodsagervej in Holstebro and waited on, that she could turn left. According to spritbilistens explanation he had not seen her car, and he drove up in it with 137 kilometres an hour, after which it was black for the Latvian.

It is passed in with comments and reactions from both close and distant, that are affected by his heart-rending letter about the fatal traffic accidents 9. december of last year.

– I have been most touched by those who have written to me, who themselves have lost. Many tell how they themselves have lost. It is great that people take it to themselves.

the 112 – 21. feb. 2019 – at. 14:38 drunk driver killed the woman and two children: Here is the verdict

Kenny Nielsen was far from the expected, that his story about the accident would come so spread out.

the Bell was 10.39 as trafikulykken happened 9. december of last year. Photo: Morten Stricker/Ritzau Scanpix

– I wrote it actually, mostly for myself. Now I have come of it, I would like of, and so people can relate to it or leave it, says Kenny Nielsen for the Extra Magazine.

– I think you have to talk something to death. For you hold it inside, it just gets worse. And I owe Britta (his wife, ed.) and Villads (his son, red) to talk about it.

In the letter, he remembers his wife, 41-year-old Britta Kraup Mills, and a son, 9-year-old Villads Mills.

On his wife, he writes that she was ‘a better mother and wife than we could have wished for’, and Villads was ‘a great son and brother, who loved football and ‘to snuggle with popcorn and a good movie as the Olsen Gang’.

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In the car, as trafikulykken came to pass, sad also Kenny Nielsen’s 7-year-old daughter Sofia, and Sofia’s friend, who was also seven years. Sofia survived, but her friend also died in the trafikullykken.

Edijs Bukelis, the 24-year-old light, was sentenced to three years in prison, was expelled from Denmark, and he had to pay a compensation in the total 490.000 kroner in compensation to the two families.

Read Kenny’s letter to Edijs Bukelis here: