Jan Skovgaard Larsen is one of Denmark’s more colourful businessmen.

Now, he has been at it again and has been sentenced to disqualification of company directors in the three years after a short period of time as the director of the nedrivningsfirmaet Preben Hockerup A/S, which ended up to tumble in the gravel last year.

After the company’s collapse has neither the administrator, that should sort it out, or the employees who lost their jobs, seen to the former director, who has taken a name change to Victor Alfred Ove Jan Christoff Skovgaard.

– It amazes us that such a man as Jan Skovgaard Larsen was ever a director of our company, says the former arbejdsmiljørepræsentant in Preben Hockerup A/S, Anders Rasmussen:

He had immediately no leadership experiences, and played all out against each other in the company.

the Extra Leaf found in connection with our research Jan Skovgaard an early morning in front of an apartment at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen.

You’ve got a konkursdom for grossly negligent conduct. What is your comment?

– I don’t have any comments.

the Extra Leaf found earlier in the year Jan Skovgaard on Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. Photo: Ekstra Bladet

the disqualification of company directors

There can be disqualification of company directors to a director or member of the supervisory board in cases where there is talk about the grossly negligent conduct.

the disqualification of company directors means that a person in a period must not be involved in the management of a company without manual personally and unlimited for the obligations.

the Person is registered in a register administered by the Danish business authority. The ban does not include the formation and ownership of companies.

Lawyer and professor specializing in insolvency law Anders Ørgaard says that the disqualification of company directors is a gray area.

– It is not a criminal offence to go bankrupt, but there is a grey area between the illegal, and where one could not act differently . Therefore, there are disqualification of company directors, when the person has not done anything punishable, but has acted in a grossly negligent manner.

How to define you in a grossly negligent manner?

– It is up to the probate court in the individual case, but typically it is when you have long stood by and not paid the vat to the public.

How much is needed?

– you can Either have done a thing where it is rough enough in itself f.ex. accumulating a large debt, when you should have stopped. Or also you can have a number of minor issues that are combined. F. ex. accounting without vat.

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During the meeting, with Extra Magazine, Jan Skovgaard, dressed in dusty work clothes. A somewhat different outfit than he had on, when he in 2010 put himself forward as the representative of a saudi prince, who allegedly would buy FC Copenhagen for 1.5 billion.

The then-FCK-boss, Flemming Østergaard, remember well the odd businessman.

In my first meetings with him he was so imaginative, that I demanded that I would not meet with him, without that he was represented by a lawyer, it sounds from Don Island about the deal, that fell to the ground, since there never came anything concrete on the table.

the Exchange referred to subsequently Jan Skovgaard as ’tipster behind araberbud’, but the face of the newspaper, he maintained, that the bid of Park A/S was real enough. In the same article claimed Skovgaard, that he was about to start an investment bank up in London with several hundred employees. It turned out according to the stock Exchange not to be true.

It was also the holes in the Jan Danish history already in 2005. It was here that he convinced two It entrepreneurs that he had just sold a big business in a millionhandel, and now was the perfect partner to makkerparrets start-up company. As the entrepreneurs later could not get the Jan Danish prehistory to fit, he was thrown out of the company in 2006.

Jan Skovgaard also has two previous convictions. A three-month suspended prison sentence for violation of penal code § 289 a, which deals with customs duties or taxes, and In 2014, he was sentenced to 40 days imprisonment for fraud. Here he acknowledged in court that he had abused a friend’s corporate credit card for the purchase of a journey to the 28.027 crowns.

Jan Skovgaard do not want to put up for an interview. Neither on the street or over the phone. Photo: Ekstra Bladet

And now he saw the current again with a disqualification of company directors for negligent conduct.

Why have you changed the name?

– you Will be friendly and disappear now. If you want to know something, then can you approach a lawyer Karoly Németh. He knows everything. He was chairman of the board (in a Preben Hockerup A/S, ed.).

You can just take the stand and answer my questions?

– So, would you like to have a visit by LFST, or what? So you shall get it. Now I have warned you, ” says Jan Skovgaard without explaining what grouping he refers to the letter combination.

After meeting on the street have Extra Magazine later also been in telephone contact with Jan Skovgaard, but he still desired not to have the interview on its chequered past or about why he has now been sentenced to disqualification of company directors.

It was the administrator in the estate after the Preben Hockerup A/S, who sounded the alarm when she got insight in the economy and business processes in the company. She informed the police, but they have not gone ahead with the case.

– I do not think I can elaborate more than what it says in the cirkulærskrivelserne, says lawyer and curator Fatma Yandim, who writes in his statement that ‘Victor Alfred Ove Jan Christoff Skovgaard has changed on the company’s business partners, so that new sub-contractors completed tasks for the company on very favourable terms to the detriment of the now bankrupt company’s creditors’, and ‘that the new partners were paid in spite of the errors and deficiencies in the work performed, and got new tasks in spite of byggeledernes protest thereof’.

Jan Skovgaard goes away from Extra the Magazine’s journalist, since we confronted him earlier in the year. Photo: Ekstra Bladet

Chairman: Excellent cooperation

Karoly Németh, Jan Skovgaard regard Extra the Magazine in question, is known in both law and business. He is known from several medieomtalte litigation and has among other things served as advisor for the former has grown Troels Lund Poulsen in more.

The 77-year-old lawyer was a member of the board at Preben Hockerup A/S in 2014. In 2017, he was set apart as chairman of the board and was therefore at the top responsible for the company, since Jan Skovgaard was inserted as the daily leader.

Lawyer Karoly Néhmeth, who was chairman of the board of the collapsed company, says that he had an excellent collaboration with Jan Skovgaard up to the bankruptcy. Photo: Jens Dresling
There was no warning lights that flashed, while Jan Skovgaard was the director?

– No. When the company has gone down, so it is certainly not Jan’s fault. The bankruptcy was due to some previous arrangements, says Karoly Néhmet.

So, you were not aware that Jan Skovgaard had previously released to be a representative of an arab prince?

– Some time after he was hired, I heard about the rumors, but I don’t know anything for Jan the Danish past, and I had an excellent cooperation with him, saith the Karoly Néhmet.

Jan Skovgaard was employed as a manager in a Preben Hockerup A/S on the basis of a resume that includes references, which, according to Ekstra research does not have any knowledge of the man.

21. February 2018 died the founder of the nedriverfirmaet with the same name, Preben Hockerup.

Four months after the death of the founder went the company bankrupt after 45 years in the nedrivningsbranchen. The total debt of the bankruptcy estate was dkk 40 million.

In the course of the eight months Jan Skovgaard controlled the company were employees fired, others felt threatened and mysterious invoices of over a million crowns from the newly established enterprises were approved to straksbetaling.

It displays a access to documents in the court judgment that led to a three-year disqualification of company directors for Jan Skovgaard Larsen for grossly negligent conduct.

Just about Preben Hockerups death made Jan Skovgaard Larsen two companies, Black Horse Capital and VC Asset Management. A few days later he changed his name to Victor Alfred Ove Jan Christoff Skovgaard. The two companies presented the never accounts and are now both also gone bankrupt.

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