the Pictures tell the entire story. The world-famous african waterfall Victoria Falls is missing in these weeks of a crucial ‘ingredient’: Water.

According to Reuters the worst drought in 100 years hit Zambia and Zimbabwe. And it has not only had consequences for the giant tourist attraction, but given more power outages in countries that rely on hydropower.

Animals and humans suffer therefore, during changes in the weather.

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The ‘wet’ picture at the top is taken 17. January of this year, while the picture without the water in the waterfall is shot a few days ago, (4. december 2019). Photo: Mike Hutchings/Ritzau Scanpix

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so far rejects some researchers to blame for the water shortages in Victoria Falls on climate change, as well may be talking about the more random changes of the seasons.

Only if the boring phenomenon repeats itself in the coming years, will climate change get the starring role as villain, believe the researchers.

– But it is surprising that drought periods comes so often.

– The most recent drought was just three years ago, tells the local vandekspert Harald Kling to Reuters.

the Rocks are parched, where there is usually a cascading waterfall. Photo: Mike Hutchings/Ritzau Scanpix

Other researchers are however convinced that it is precisely climate change is the explanation.

This applies, among others, Richard Beilfuss, who is in charge of the International Crane Foundation and have a thorough knowledge of the water conditions at Victoria Falls.

– When the rains come in much larger quantities in a shorter time, it can be quite hard to keep on the water.

– And it gives a longer and harder drought.

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Again, images from, respectively, January and december of this year. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

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