In 2011, won the musician Tim Schou the Danish Melodi Grand Prix together with the band A Friend In London. Since they got a nice place in the Eurovision for the song ‘New Tomorrow’.

the Band has also toured with two big boybands Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block, and Tim Schou subsequently became a known face, who among other things starred in the tv programme ‘Stars on the seesaw’.

But six years ago was the complacent popstjerneliv too much for the now 32-year-old Tim Schou, who has since lived as self-imposed homeless around the world – including the UNITED states.

But the life is soon about to end.

It told Tim Schou, en Ekstra Bladet met him on the red carpet on Wednesday night in connection with the musical ‘Mamma Mia!’ in Tivoli’s Concert hall.

– I still live all sorts of strange places. I have lived a bit like a vagabond the last six years of the time, and I do really still, he said.

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According to Tim Schou has he for a long time enjoyed not having a fixed base, but it is changing now.

– I like it, but it also begins to be felt now, that it has been this way for six years, where they have sacrificed themselves so much for the music, and I also feel like now that I’ve got all the creative out of it, as I would like out of it, and the inspiration, I would like to have out of it. But it has turned completely upside down in my life the good way, and I have received so great many friendships and networks around the world, he said further.

Tim Schou together with A Friend in London. Photo: Ole Frederiksen

He hopes, however, that in the future he can find a more permanent home in the Danmakr, where there is also a place to make music.

– But it is about time that I should find something more permanent. The can I brand. As I sat that I was to be ‘homeless’, then it was also that I had to do it, until I didn’t think it was fun more, and now I feel that I’m about to be creatively satisfied and ready to publish any album, so I can feel that I soon need to come to a workshop, in the sense that it is a place where there will be a base, where I can put myself down and actually get made what I want. Everything else has been about to be out and find inspiration around every corner of the mind, he said further.

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At the moment is Tim Schou in full swing with making music, and soon he is also the current in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix, where he has helped to write a song for the singer Emil Clausen.

– I have released singles in the last few years now from my own solo project, and I’ve focused on it and to give a lot of concerts. I have just had a lot of focus on to start a little bit again. It goes very fine on the front. I have focused on keeping the right down to earth and organic. Those who know it, know it, and those who don’t know, miss something, he said with a smile.

Tim Schou on the red carpet together with his friend, the singer, Martin Writes. Photo: Klaus Bo