An op-ed, which has 14 people from Alternativets support base in The Constituency as senders, directs a harsh criticism against Theresa Scavenius, who is one of six candidates to replace Uffe Elbæk as the party’s political leader.

It writes bbc News.

– You got entered many of the active members over the toes in the election campaign, and we have not experienced any willingness to sort it out afterwards, is in debatindlægget, as can be seen on the Alternativets website.

– We will not go into details here. They are better suited to a cup of dialogue-coffee, which we should have had, before you again asking for our trust.

Donations that you received during the campaign, gave rise to the noise, but the conflict is about more than money, writes the 14 senders of the post.

Theresa Scavenius was last year, established for the Alternative in The Constituency for the general election, and it was not quiet of.

She received during the election campaign last year of 100,000 crowns from the former Goldman Sachs financier His August Lund and the investor Thomas Rudbeck, who founded kapitalforvaltningsselskabet Capital Four.

DR News has been in contact with two of the signatories of the letter.

Neither Benny Nielsen, who sits on the board of storkredsen, or Bina Seff, who was one of the other candidates to the Parliament, will, however, comment on the post further yet.

There is also praise for Theresa Scavenius in debatindlægget.

The 14 senders write that she is a “capacity on climate policy and a razor-sharp debater”.

– From missing you not, and it is with the correct key in your opstillingsgrundlag. Relentlessness, we can also recognize, write, and before that comes more criticism.

– But when used in cooperation with the active members and the other candidates, so it strikes sparks. So, for example, empathy and humility.

DR News has spoken with Theresa Scavenius, who rejects the criticism.

– No, I can not recognize. I and others have a very different view, and I also got a good personal choice up in the circle, she says.

the Alternative of choosing a new political leader 1. February, at an extraordinary national congress.