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Updated 13:25: Previously sounded message from The police, that there was a guard who had been attacked with pepper spray, but the prosecutor clarify now, that there was a clerk.

Friday evening was a vigilant clerk in the Elkjøp in the City South of Aalborg suspicious when a 24-year-old woman was stooping down between the two hyldesystemer in the business.

Quite rightly showed the woman to be in the process of stealing an iPhone, which she quickly put away, when the clerk called for a guard. They asked the 24-year-old woman to follow them, and then she suddenly attacked the clerk with pepper spray in the face. It informs the prosecutor Søren Riis Andersen from the North jutland police to Ekstra Bladet.

It is successfully subsequent to detain the woman, who was picked up by the police. The woman has now been remanded back to 3. January 2020.

– the Court considered that the relationship was so blatant that she would be remanded in custody, said prosecutor Søren Riis Andersen of Ekstra Bladet.

the Woman was also armed with a pocketknife. She is charged with serious acts of violence and admits to have used pepper spray, but the ditch fængslingskendelsen.

the Clerk had washed his eyes, but did no further damage as a result of the assault.

the Woman was also wearing a jacket of the brand Peak Performance, where the label was not peeled of. Therefore, suspected the woman also to have stolen it, police said.

the Extra Leaf is working to get a comment from Elkjøp.