They are two of the absolute greatest sportsnavne in the History of denmark, and both they and their families have crossed the tracks at the crossing and cross.

Now the shelves the previous fodboldkonge, Michael Laudrup, the abdicerende tennisdronning Caroline Wozniacki.

And as a team player is liable not least by her mental strength in a sport, where you stand alone on the field.

’I’ve always had an impression of a person who was very focused and targeted in relation to his sport. And with a great psyche, which in my opinion is one of the most important in an individual sport’, writes Michael Laudrup to Ekstra Bladet.

’In team sports, you can ‘sit’ at each other – especially in difficult times – but you can’t in sports such as tennis, golf, with more’.

Michael Laudrup celebrates Caroline Wozniacki. Finn Frandsen/Polfoto

Caroline count Michael Laudrup-the sons, Andreas and Mads, among his friends, and the former’s wife, Pauline, is a close friend. The pair was also caroline’s wedding in Tuscany in the summer.

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Michael Laudrup has together with his wife Siw several times seen Caroline play in Qatar. Photo: Fadi Al-Assaad/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

Michael Laudrup celebrates Caroline Wozniacki. Photo: Jonas Olufson/Polfoto

Michael Laudrups’s oldest son Mads, together with Wozniacki in 2009. Photo: Mogens Flindt/Ritzau Scanpix
Michael Laudrup has among other things met Wozniacki family during the tournaments in Moscow and Doha, while he was coach there, and he has been in place for several of her matches in Qatar.

’I have also seen some of caroline’s tournaments on TV, and of course the triumph in the Australian Open, but otherwise I have not seen so much tennis the past many years.

In any case, not as in my young years in the mid-70’s and up through the’80s, where it was Bjorn Borg and McEnroe on the herresiden as well as Navratilova and Steffi Graf on the damesiden, who controlled events’.

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He has, however, seen enough to close admiration, for She performance.

’I am always impressed by people like Caroline can stay at the top for a long time. And even more so in a time like now, where there are plenty of an overnight success in all kinds of industries’, he writes.

’I’m sure, to Caroline about 15-20 years will still be remembered in many places in the world, and she will definitely be a reference for all tenniselskende danes’.

in turn, has Michael Laudrup doesn’t desire to comment on the ongoing vote on the, where he and Caroline certainly have put themselves at the forefront of the star-studded field.

’I don’t care so much about to compare across industries or sports. You can also compare a painter, a mason or a carpenter, even though they all are the artisans’, says Michael Laudrup.

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