A woman Monday night has been beaten in the head, when she discovered a burglar in his home in Fredericia.

It informs Sydøstjyllands Police to Ekstra Bladet.

– We get a review at 17.57 on that a woman has locked herself in her home, where she sees a dark figure. Immediately after she gets knocked in the head with a blunt object. She flees away to the neighbor, says Jørn Bystrup, vagtchef, Sydøstjyllands Police.

Police are now looking for witnesses, since the only track is a dark figure. Therefore, want the authorities to hear from people who have seen suspicious behaviour around Dådyrvej in Fredericia forward to at 18 o’clock.

– We are investigating what the reason is for her to be beaten. Whether it is a burglar, who had to ensure the tyvekosterne or will run away.