The tyrolean ski areas in the towns of the Pitztal and the Ötztal would like to be reconciled, so the area can be developed and attract even more tourists. But unfortunately, there comes a peak in the road.

Why will the contractors behind the proposed project blow up about 750.000 cubic meters of rocks, soil and ice away. But the project meets great resistance, because it will go beyond the already endangered glaciers at over 3000 meters altitude. It writes the medium Kronen Zeitung.

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There is talk about bjergtinden Linker Fernerkogel and 72 hectares of the glaciers Karlesferner, Hängender Ferner and Mittelbergferner. The latter is Tyrol’s second largest.

the Firing to remove 40 metres of the top of Fernerkogel and make space for an area with several restaurants, bars and ski lifts. This corresponds to 116 football fields.

The austrian glaciers are melting, increasingly, because of climate change. According to the medium Kronen Zeitung is melting the glaciers in the country in the average to 17.2 meters per year.

– It is the biggest destruction of pristine glaciers in decades, warns, ‘the Alliance of The Soul’ – a movement that has been formed by several organisations, among others the WWF, Alpenverein and Friends of Nature.

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Right now is the development plans in the area in consultation by the tyrolean authorities. The alliance of The Soul in the hope that they can get it stopped.

It’s the same Austrian Alpine Association.

– The planned gletsjerfusion with extra 64 hectares of slopes is a massive intervention in a highly sensitive mountain landscape. Ten hectares of the area are scheduled to have artificial snow, which requires a large stock of water that will come from the previously pristine streams, says Robert Renzler, the secretary-general of the Austrian Alpine Association.

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the Contractors behind the project believes that the opponents are spreading false information.

– It is wrong that we will blow up the Linker Fernerkogel away, write the Pitztaler Gletscherbahnen and Bergbahnen Sölden in a press release according to the austrian media

– the Top of the Linker Fernerkogel will never be affected by the project in a fusion of gletsjerskiområderne. The removal of 750.000 cubic meters of stone and earth is taken out of its context. However, is it true that there is a need for the 120,000 cubic meters of earth-moving to the right højderyggens top, which should be built a staging point for ski lifts to the two ski areas, states in the press release.

Also the initiative ‘Lebensraum Pitztal’ to support the project. Here’s hoping that the project can help to develop tourism in the area. The initiative is made up of people from area hotels, restaurants, ski schools and other tourism enterprises.

– The environmental organisations, the PR machine is already running with full force and speaks mostly only their urban støtters case. But there is not any who will hear the inhabitants of Pitztals opinion, says a spokesperson from the Assistance of the Pitztal to the Kronen Zeitung.

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They believe that the development of a ski resort is essential for the economy of the territory. It is estimated that the project will cost 120 million euros (896.592.947 crowns).

The tyrolean authorities review right now consultations in connection with the project. They will announce if they are giving permission for construction in February/march 2020.