After the Galician, Basque and Catalan elections, Spain has a new electoral event on June 9: the European elections. More than 369 million Europeans are called to the polls next June. Some of them in Spain will have already begun to receive the notification to be part of the electoral tables.

Each polling station is made up of a president, two members and two substitutes are also appointed for each of the polling station members. This implies that a total of nine people will be summoned for each polling station. In the case of being a substitute, you are also obliged to appear on election day. Below we explain who can present allegations if they have been a member of the electoral board and how they can do so:

The Central Electoral Board will notify, between May 13 and 18, the result of the draw to the chosen citizens through a certified letter. It will contain information about the position to be held at the table, the functions of said position and the hours of the day (from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. for voters).

From the date of notification, the designated persons have a period of 7 calendar days to present allegations regarding their designation before the Zonal Electoral Board (JEZ) corresponding to their municipality of residence.

There are several requirements that justify not being part of a polling station:

In addition to these personal circumstances, there are also some work reasons that you can claim to avoid being a member of the electoral board: