It looks like most of all, a sea of eggs on the island Hailuotos Beach in Finland.

But it is in fact ice cream, which decorates the cold island for the time being. It tells Tarja Terentjeff to CNN.

– It was an amazing experience that I never had before. The entire beach was covered by the ice cream, she says.

however, It is not the first time that the phenomenon has been pictured. Sirpa Tero, which also move on the beach from time to time, says she has seen the weird ice cream before, but never so many at one time.

the island Itself is located between Finland and Sweden, where the cold climate makes the phenomenon possible. As to ice being formed on the surface of the sea, and the sea at the same time is in motion, gets the balls formed.

When the waves turn up on the beach, the ice is sanded. In this way, the smooth ice cream to the world.