It was a bit of a downturn, such as the Danish Counter-Strike team Astralis should have shaken off, as the team earlier in the week opened the IEM Beijing.

just a week ago, to the danes, both the players and the fans, disappointed to leave the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, since it is not managed Astralis to get to the top of BLAST Pro Series. This year’s big highlight for Astralis.

Then it was, among other FaZe Clan, which played Astralis by winning 16-2. Very uncharacteristic of the Danish crew, who rarely gets run over in so convincing a way.

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Saturday morning was the vengeance time, however, come against the FaZe Clan, who also won the tournament in Copenhagen. With the unprecedented digits 16-0 and 16-2 played Astralis in the finals at IEM Beijing.

A powerful way to give tit for tat, it sounds from Peter ‘Dupreeh’ Rasmussen, who was flying on the first map.

– perhaps We had little to prove to ourselves in relation to our performance in Copenhagen, where we extremely would like to show us from our best side. Today we show so little of our top level, we play some of the best Counter-Strike we’ve ever done.

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We will win 32-2 over two maps, and it is probably the largest we have ever won in a best out of three. We do so in a semi-final against FaZe, as with some of the world’s best players on the team won the BLAST in Copenhagen just a week ago.

– It provides a good picture of what we are working with Astralis – always look forward, and never go completely down, despite the bumps on the road, says ‘Dupreeh’.

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