for a long time was realitystjernerne Lens Kessler and Gustav Salinas quite fine friends, and tv viewers have, among other things in the past, been with them on the trip in realityserien ‘Gustav & Lens in the first’, but the relationship between the Lens Kessler and Gustav Salinas led ago a serious crack. So seriously, that they for several years have not been on speaking.

Uvenskabet occurred when Gustav Salinas back in 2017 showed up to a premiere wearing fur and accompanied by the jewellery designer Mai Manniche, who Linses daughter, Geggo, and son-in-law, Cengiz, at that time a case was against.

But on Friday evening participated in both Lens Kessler and Gustav Salinas in Reality Awards 2020, and here was given the kiss on the cheek for the big gold medal.

Danish well-known – 12. jan. 2020 – pm. 10:57 Big gaffe

For Ekstra Bladet told Lens Kessler in this context, that the two finally have made peace.

– We have become good friends again, and we are not adversaries any longer. It is so nice. We talked to Stjerneboksning. There was magic in the air there, she said, and continued:

– also, It was so bloody stupid it is, we had a falling out over. We don’t live near each other, and we talk together, and then it is just easy to be adversaries enormously long. He walked past me and said ‘hi’ so I said ‘hi’. As I said, we should not forget it all, and then he said ‘yes, the taxes’. So it was just wonderful, she said with a big smile.

Linse Kessler has lost eight pounds after a period of time, where she has been very busy. Photo: Anthon Unger

On the red carpet told ‘the Family from Bryggen’-the star, moreover, that she is currently very busy.

It is therefore no more than a couple of weeks ago, Lens Kessler told that she was due the bustle would drop Veganski – a vegan take-out restaurant, as she was about to open.

On the red carpet deepened she the decision and told him that she did not regret a second.

Danish well-known – 26. dec. 2019 – at. 16:04 of the Lens pulls the plug

– I have too much. Therefore, I dropped Veganski. I’m very happy. It cost a fortune, so now I hope that I can get it sold, so I don’t need to go and pay the rent for the next many years, she said, and continued:

– It has been too stressful. I had my book, my Lenina Coleman-line and so Veganski, where I had lost her, that would make the food. So it was all too much. I lost eight kilos. But it was also okay, I weighed 90. I found out that 80-82 is perfect for me. So now I just do it, I have, she said on with a laugh.

Linse Kessler and Gustav Salinas was previously very close. Here are the TV Award in 2013. Photo: Kenneth Meyer