on the Night of Sunday the 30-year-old Joseph Melgoza brutally murdered with baseball bats in conjunction with his own wedding in the city of Chino in California in the UNITED states. On the day that should have been the happiest day of his life, he was allegedly murdered by two brothers who had penetrated into the wedding feast without being invited. Only a few hours before his death, was Joseph Melgoza married Esther Bustamente.

the Brothers was the day after the wedding were arrested by the police and charged for the murder of Joseph Melgoza.

It writes multiple media including CNN

Joseph Melgozas daughter Lily, who wore the rings during the wedding, have to CNN stated that it was the happiest day of her life until the murder was committed.

According to CNN had the entire wedding day has been perfect. The weather was good, and everything had progressed without any problems.

Joseph Melgoza is seen here with her daughter. (Photo: GoFundMe)

Joseph Melgozas brother, Andy has explained the following:

Everyone was happy. After the church we went to the party room to party. We ate, we celebrated and we sang. Everything was perfect, ” explains Andy.

But just outside the party room lurked the two brothers, 28-year-old Rony Ramirez and his 19-year-old brother, Josue. None of them were invited to the wedding.

– We didn’t think much of it. There were so many people present, which one is not known. We went out from that there were some of the wedding-guests, who knew them, tells the deceased, Joseph Melgozas brother, Andy, to CNN.

It has later been shown that the two brothers in no way had any relation to the family.

The two brothers Rony Ramirez and his brother Dean are arrested and aims for the murder of Joseph Melgoza. (Photo: Chino PD)

At a time in connection with the wedding feast confronting some of the wedding-guests, however, the two brothers and asked them to leave the room. But later in the evening they returned and said they had forgotten a mobile phone. Then broke out a scuffle just outside the party room.

It was, according to the CNN, in this connection, that the bridegroom Joseph Melgoza was beaten to death with baseball bats.

After the scramble there was no one who could find the Joseph Melgoza, because it was very dark. His wife Esther Bustamente says that she cried and screamed to find her new husband. A little later, was badly wounded Joseph Melgoza found in a backyard in the vicinity of the party room. He was in an ambulance taken to Chino Valley Medical Center, where he later died.

– When the police arrived and put a barrier up, I knew that the worst had happened, ” says Esther Bustamente for CNN, and adds, that her husband was a very loving and caring man.

– He never left our home without giving a hug, and he always said: We’ll see. He was very happy for his family and his friends, tells Esther Bustamente.

On the website GoFundMe has been set up a collection where you gather the money to pay for Joe Melgozas funeral.

Joesph Melgoza was brutally murdered during his own wedding. (Photo: GoFundMe)