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The constituency and voldssigtede footballer Bernio Verhagen is early Tuesday has been arrested in Indianapolis.

Verhagen was found in a basement room in a block of flats, which the police examined after several inquiries. It informs vagtchef Jens Claumarch by the Middle – and Vestjyllands Police on Tuesday morning.

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Dutch Verhagen, who in november was on contract in the football club Viborg FF, stabbed on Monday by the police when he was being transported in Holstebro.

But the controversial player did not have to be on the loose for long.

– The called Verhagen has been arrested in the town at 04.00. We thank you for the many inquiries, wrote in the Middle – and Vestjyllands Police on Twitter early Tuesday.

Vagtchef Jens Claumarch tells that the action took some hours. The police went through a whole block of flats to Holstebro train Station to find him.

– We get some inquiries from the residents in the town centre, which believe that they have seen the person at a particular address, say vagtchefen.

– There we are quickly down, because we have patrols out, and we’ll put us on the field, as it is called. It means that we get shut of, so if it is the person, are we sure that he is inside the building. Then we go systematically through from the loft to the cellar, and he is eventually found in a basement room.

Verhagen made in the course of the day, a search on Instagram, where he reported that he was on his way to Sweden.

But the police believe that it was a diversion.

How Verhagen has gained access to the property by the police yet, and Jens Claumarch do not want to assess whether others have helped him.

– It can easily be imagined, that the door to the staircase or building has been open, so he has chosen to go in there, say vagtchefen.

The spectacular case of Verhagen began in earnest, when Viborg FF 25. november terminated the contract with the 25-year-old play, as it was felt that the player had signed a contract with the club under false pretenses.

at the same time, notified the club the matter to the police.

Several media outlets had at the time described that the dutchman had not the skill to play professional football.

the Same day were Bernio Verhagen was arrested in connection with the tumult in a kiosk at the train Station in Vyborg, and shortly after he was charged with threats, violence and robbery.

on Monday extended the police charges against Verhagen, who according to the police repeatedly over a three-week period must have been violent towards his ex-girlfriend at a hotel and in an apartment in Viborg.

At the next hearing there will be added a charge that deals with the Verhagens escape, informs vagtchef Jens Claumarch.

Vagtchefen do not know the circumstances of Verhagens escape.

Verhagen refuses is guilty in the raised charges.

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