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the Hospitals in Holstebro and Herning have since Monday been hit by an outbreak of the highly contagious virus norovirus.

The writing

to get the eruption to life have you had to send 20 patients in isolation, and the staff at the two hospitals are in the highest state of alert. Several living rooms have the warning signs hanging on the door, and the staff has been asked to be extremely cautious about hygiene.

– You know that if you do not do something, then it is all the departments that will be affected. It is violently contagious here, says Jens Friis Bak, who is medical director at the hospital, according to the

Norovirus, which also goes under the name of omgangssyge, can cause violent vomiting and diarrhea.

the Virus is, according to the director, come from the patients from the outside, and Wednesday 11 patients reported as infected. Despite the fact that you have identified the infected citizens in the area still consider a trip at the hospitals a second time.

– Unless you are very sick, it is still best if one keeps away from hospitals, says the medical director.

Herning Hospital was eventually hit by the norovirus two years ago. You expect, that it will pass within 2-3 days.

If you are – or have been – ill with Norovirus, you should not cook for others. You should also refrain from taking food from the buffets and the like.

If you want to avoid being sickened by norovirus and to avoid infecting others with Norovirus, you should ensure good personal hygiene. Thorough handwashing with water and soap is the most effective way to reduce the infection on.

Common hand disinfectants, for example håndsprit, works poorly against norovirus. The same applies plastikhandsker. It is particularly important to wash hands with water and soap after using the toilet and frequently, while you cook.

in Addition, you should always rinse fruit and vegetables thoroughly and allow the frozen raspberries a map rehash, if you use them in, for example smoothies, as decoration kit or to desserts, that don’t get heated.

Source: Danish veterinary and food administration

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