For 5700 years ago, the Danish girl Lola and munching on a piece of pitch. Now she is referred to in large parts of the world, after researchers recently found her dna from spytrester.

A number of media outlets the world over, writes about the exceptional findings that have never been seen before.

Among other things, call the american media The New York Times found for ‘unbelievable,’ while also a CBS News shares the story.

the News of Lola’s found dna has also spread to Asia. Here writes CNN Philippines is also on the Danish Lola, whose dna also was the track in the south of Denmark near the island of Lolland.

The English media is also not pale in order to bring the news. Among other things, writes The Guardian, that it is ‘exceptional,’ how it has been possible to find Lola’s dna, through a piece of pitch.

Also on the domestic front in Denmark is the excitement of found large.

– It is totally wild that one can get as much information out of a single pitch-lump. We were all very surprised that the dna was so well preserved, says Theis Jensen, postdoctoral researcher at Globe Institute of the University of Copenhagen and the author of the idea of testing the pitch of the dna, for

In the analysis of Lola’s dna has also been found that Lola probably had dark skin, dark hair and blue eyes.

at the same time, she is genetically more related with the hunters and gatherers from the european mainland, than she is with the past, scandinavian peasants.

the Entire study, with the discovery was recently published in the journal Nature Communications and is made in cooperation with the national Museum of denmark, DTU, Museum Lolland-Falster and the University of York in England.