It is now a year ago, that ‘Year 0’-the participant Stephanie Siguenza could reveal that she was moved in with her boyfriend Jeff and his family in Slagelse.

Subsequently it is quite large construction project going on, as the first floor of her parents ‘ house had to be renovated, so Stephanie and Jeff could move into and thus get their own apartment.

Now begins the goal really to approach.

– We can come up in the apartment very soon, and we are pleased so much. There are still a lot of things that need to be done – it is clear, when you make something from scratch – but we hope that we can move into as soon as possible, says a happy Stephanie to Ekstra Bladet.

Stephanie and her boyfriend Jeff to the red carpet at the ‘Year that gak 2019’. Photo: Stine Tidsvilde.

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– There are still gone almost a year, since we started with it, so now it’s really nice that we will soon have our own. It has been a hard year, she rolls fast.

Stephanie, however, has more to rejoice over these days. She has lost weight, and then there is also a holiday to look forward to:

– I have lost 2,5 kilos, which I’m really happy. I have thought a little more on what I have eaten, and so I have moved a lot in relation to lejlighedsprojektet. I would really like to lose me yet more, for I know that I have been a little big. But I have it such that I will not do it at others ‘ request, I will do it, because I even feel motivated and have the energy and desire for it, she explains.

the Couple also have other things to look forward to when december is over.

– Jeff and I take to Thailand 26. January, and 2. February comes the rest of jeff’s family down there, and so we are together with them in two weeks. So it will be super delicious. Now is therefore to work through, so we can shop a whole lot at the time, she says.

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