Influenceren Analyzer Parks have 728.000 subscribers on his Youtube channel, 207.000 followers on Instagram and 8335 followers on Facebook.

So it is not so few, that follows when the young woman sharing his pictures and videos. Among other things, from his life as a vegan, which she has been in almost five years.

Therefore, caused the also quite a stir when she recently posted a longer video on Youtube, where she proclaimed that she had dropped his meat-free lifestyle and decided to eat meat and other animal products in a month.

It writes among other LadBible and

In the video, which she also put a picture up on Instagram, she says, among other things.

After having been vegan for five years, I know how it is to lose oneself in an identity of diætkultur and to lose the true open-mindedness.

the Announcement got quickly many of the Analyzer Parkers hundreds of thousands of fans to rage over, she suddenly ate the meat.

‘To eat meat is not just ‘a thing, you can try again’. It is to beat the animals to death for food. It is to turn nature to death. It is not something healthy in’, is one of the most furious comments from influencerens angry fans. Another adds:

‘Disgusting. The animals would like to live. Shame on you for criticizing veganism’.

In his postings on the ‘kødkuren’ she writes that she will try it, because she is curious.

‘I’m a big believer of trying things on your own body and to get a true sense of how something is before I form a personal attitude to it’, she writes, and continues:

‘I discovered kødkuren, since one of my close friends told me about all the benefits he experienced by eating on the way’.

the Analyzer Parks also writes that she, after 4.5 years as a vegan really wasn’t so fond of the idea that eating meat and animal products.

‘But strangely enough I began to hear one story after the other from my vegan friends, who changed course and tested the kødkuren and saw an absolutely amazing health transformation’, she writes further on the social media.

She says that she also has experienced being ‘more mentally clear, focused and healthy’ than she has been for the last 4.5 years as a vegan.

however, It has been a difficult realization for Analyzer Parks, who feels that she has built its entire identity around not to eat meat or animal products.

‘I knew that I was going to have to make decisions based on what was in my health’s best interest. The past year of my life has been a journey of remembering who I am besides what I eat, write vegan-influenceren.