unique in scandinavia because the busiest man named Victor Nelsson.

IN the FCK’erens fodboldkalender there are not many days off, and when he Sunday run into at the MCH Arena in Herning, it is his match number 50 in 2019.

in Fact, the 21-year-old U21-landsholdsanfører only missed two matches throughout the year – and paradoxically, both against Hobro.

He had quarantined, since FC Nordsjælland back in February met people from northern jutland in Farum, while Stale Solbakken gave him the so far the only day off in the FCK, since the people of copenhagen in the middle of september was a trip in the West.

It had he might not have done. The masters lost 1-2, and the defense sailed without Nelsson.

Nyindkøbet from FC Nordsjælland is already up 26 matches in the white shirt and has got full playing time in all of them.

– It is extremely. I don’t know if I should say, that it is a sin for him … but it is not the ideal, says Stale Solbakken.

Victor Nelsson came to FCK with clear ambitions to be Solbakkens first choice. He would play and he would play a lot.

the Desire is fulfilled, but with Andreas Bjelland out in large parts of the season, the Norwegian also not had many opportunities.

There have been Sotirios Papagiannopoulos, who has been the Victor Nelsson. And so have I just been crossing my fingers for that there came to pass the two midterforsvarere something.

And, fortunately, is Victor a jernmand, says the FCK’s physical trainer Anders Storskov to Ekstra Bladet.

He like to play and work out and do it with the highest possible quality every time. It’s great, says the FCK’s physical trainer Anders Storskov on Victor Nelsson. Photo: Jens Dresling
He says that the desire of FC Copenhagen is that many of the supporting players can cope with a fixtures as Victor Nelsson has had in years.

It is important for continuity that the same players can play many matches together.

– But it is no matter of course, so it’s great when we have players who can the. We have, fortunately, a part of, ” says Anders Storskov, which for almost twenty years, has been responsible for the physical training of FC Copenhagen.

Storskov is on the council, when the club looking at new players, and a player’s skadeshistorik is an important parameter in the decision-making process.

the FCK knew that Victor Nelsson was never injured in FC Nordsjælland, and it is important knowledge. It is also, therefore, that the copenhageners can ride him so hard now.

– The biggest predictor that you will be harmed, is that you have been injured before. He has not. Victor has a skadeshistorik, which dictates that he not be harmed, ” says Anders Storskov.

Victor Nelsson and FCK kept a clean sheet as FC Midtjylland earlier in the autumn was on a visit in the Park. Topkampen ended 0-0. Photo: Jens Dresling
The blonde midterforsvarer described by FCK’s physical trainer as incredibly ambitious and professional compared to all the time to keep themselves sharp.

There are things he has had to væne to FC Copenhagen, where he usually has a game every third or fourth day, while FC Nordsjælland usually only had a fight a week.

There should be eaten a little bit different, but actually the biggest challenge, according to Storskov mostly mental:

– The hardest part, when you play many matches, is to close down the match you just played, so you can prepare for the next.

– You should be able to put the soccer ball away, and it can be a challenge. But Victor is responsive and does everything to get better, so it is no problem. It is just a development.

Over 73 hours of football

super League: 14 matches (1244 minutes)

U21-national team: 6 matches (489 minutes)

super League: 14 matches (1260 minutes)

the Cup: 2 matches (210 minutes)

Europe: 10 matches (930 minutes)

U21-national team: 3 matches (270 minutes)

Superliga: 28 matches (2504 minutes)

the Cup: 2 matches (210 minutes)

Europe: 10 matches (930 minutes)

U21-national team: 9 matches (759 minutes)

49 matches (4403 minutes which is equal to 73 hours and 24 minutes of football)


the Holidays are commissioned

The more, the better.

Victor Nelsson enjoy the Danish autumn with lots of games for FC Copenhagen and the U21-national team. It is the fat, he says, and the many battles was also one of the reasons that he said yes to FCK in the summer.

– I enjoy being in a club as I am with all the struggles that come with it. It goes without saying that it is a load for the body, but that’s how it is when you are a football player, says Victor Nelsson, who also has the mark of the mental load:

– It is hard to have to put themselves up for battle every third or fourth day, but there is also something, I learn a lot from.

Victor Nelsson was in the summer for the U21-EM, and were not many days of vacation after the finals. Photo: Lars Poulsen
Nelsson can reach up to 58 matches in the calendar year, but then there must also be blown out. The holidays are already ordered.

After the last match against OB on Monday, 16. december the tour goes to Thailand with her boyfriend.

– I am looking forward to the last matches, but I am also looking forward to a vacation where I can relax completely. I can well use.

– I went to the U21-european championship in the summer and had the longest holiday afterwards. It was well in a week’s time, but I had to constantly take a position on the one and the other, so I was never able to take absolutely free, says Victor Nelsson to Ekstra Bladet.

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