Uffe Elbæk, will also be remembered as the man who had the ‘crazy’ after the party’s fine choice in 2015.

just in the same major was the Alternative-founder a bit befippet, as the press on Monday, would hear, how he looks at the political rapporteur Rasmus Nordqvist as a possible new president.

-Neeej, no, no, no or so jaaa, yes, yes, yes, yes, sounded from Uffe Elbæk, at the press conference on the Gl. King’s road in the heart of Frederiksberg.

– I know, know, know you are going to interpret it here from here also to the sky, he continued.

Uffe Elbæk stressed, however, that he in no way wants to point to its successor.

the Danish policy – 16. dec. 2019 – at. 13:56 Qvortrup: – David has prevailed ‘hell’

the Danish policy – 16. dec. 2019 – at. 12:34 Uffe Elbæk stop as the political leader of the Alternative

– If a party leader says that he is the crown prince, or she is the crown princess, so is it the same as dødskysset.

– I am quite sure that Rasmus Nordqvist will be suitable. But I don’t know if he ever will be the leader, stressed Uffe Elbæk and evinces, that he would rather see more candidates.

I hope that there will be 3-4-5 candidates, so we can really get the debates in-game about what the party needs in the future. But I will not comment on who should take over from me. I am so much looking forward to see a team put themselves forward to say that they have the energy and the skills, he said at the press conference.

Different indiscreet is MF Sikandar Siddique. In a tweet, he points at Nordqvist as its formandskandidat.

for, Therefore want forhåndsfavoritten Rasmus Nordqvist not to answer on whether he would stand up as the new leader of the Alternative.

I have no comments to. It is about to say from the heart thank you to Uffe for the willingness and the courage he had to stand in the forefront and create the Alternative.

– I’m gonna sign out, when I have made a decision on one or the other, he says.

MF Torsten Gejl also considers whether he shall set up.

– It may well be, I do it. It can also be, I don’t do it. I need to find out what is prudent for me, and what is prudent for the party, he said to DR.