the Protection of Animals is disappointed with the verdict, as the Court in Holbæk today harvested over a 58-year-old female dentist who is convicted of gross negligent treatment of 15 of its 17 dogs. She was sentenced to 60 days conditional imprisonment with a probation period of one year, and she was deprived of the right to have a dog to do in five years.

– We must just find that we again are disappointed with a ruling in a dyreværnssag. Once again, we can observe that in Denmark it can get too easy of a place to vanrøgte animals. The punishment is not the goal with a matter of such serious nature. We had liked to had used the penalty to the full, says Yvonne Johnson, dyreværnschef in the Protection of Animals.

– I have seen many coarse dyreværnssager, but this is still one of the worse. The pictures of the almost hairless puppies with swollen, ormebefængte stomachs have burned themselves onto my consciousness. I can not understand how people can expose the animals to such a treatment, says Yvonne Jones.

Prosecutor John Catre Nielsen had requested the court to sentence the accused to 30 days ‘ unconditional imprisonment. The judgment was rendered without a hearing.

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In may 2017, instructed the special police dyreværnsenhed the woman to hand over its 17 dogs for the Protection of Animals. The police believed that she drives a ‘hvalpefabrik’, and that the dogs were fallen. They had among other things a closet, and some of the dogs had been tried treated with turpentine.

During the trial described the a vet that the dogs were violently attacked by the closet, had sores and infections and missing large parts of their fur.

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Such as the dog Sorba out, when it came to the Protection of Animals. Photo: Animal Protection

The 58-year-old woman was defended by the lawyer Rasmus Paludan, who, during the trial, sharply criticized the police investigation in the case:

– There is no evidence. Throughout the investigation, reminiscent of ‘Comical Ali’. The claim of the turpentine-wash is a lie. The dogs have never got a drop on himself, raged Rasmus Paludan in court. He described also a veterinarian, who testified, as unbalanced.

the Court of Holbæk, however, was of a entirely different view and knew the 58-year-old woman guilty.

the Animal Protection believes that there is a need for harsher penalties in dyreværnssager. The Danish parliament adopted in June 2016, a doubling of the penalty for the violation of dyreværnsloven.

the Ruling is just the latest in a long line of big dyreværnssager with hvalpefabrikker and neglect of the dogs, where the courts do not utilize the offense specified in the law, says Yvonne Jones, the Animals ‘ Protection.

– It is not more than a few years ago, that the penalty for the violation of dyreværnsloven was set up for two years, but we do not see that the courts make use of it. There is simply a need for harsher penalties for violation of the dyreværnsloven, she says.

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Some of the dogs were washed in turpentine to counteract their closet. Photo: Animal Protection

The convicted dentist will provide to Ekstra Bladet, she is the anchor of the judgment. She has agreed with his lawyer, Rasmus Paludan: – I’m really disappointed with the verdict. The court has not laid emphasis on the four statements, but only on a veterinarian and on the Protection of Animals, who have created a story about a hvalpefabrik, and that the dogs have been washed in white spirit, says the 58-year-old.

the Woman explained that her half-brother, who lived on the property, was responsible to care for the dogs. She and halvbroren had a clear agreement that he was to diet and lodging, as well as a car available had to stand in order to fit the dogs. She also paid for hundemaden.

As the dogs began to get some bare spots, she had directed halvbroren in to wash the dogs in general håndsprit – not turpentine.