The official death toll after Monday’s eruption of the volcano on White Island in New Zealand has increased to eight.

It happens after two injured persons have been admitted to hospital, have died of their injuries Thursday.

It informs the local authorities according to the news agency Reuters.

the Volcano on White Island, which lies to the east of New Zealand’s pacific, went on Monday in the outbreak, while there were 47 tourists on or near the volcano.

in addition to the eight people are confirmed dead, as believe the authorities, that an additional eight bodies located on the volcanic island.

This assumes the authorities, the total death toll at present is 16 persons.

There is estimated to be between 50 and 60 percent of the risk that the volcano will erupt again within the next day.

Why have rescue workers have not yet been able to remove the dead from the volcanic island.

the Police on the night of Thursday local time in the time to complete a level in order to be able to retrieve the dead from the island on Friday.

About 30 people have been hospitalized with serious injuries after the volcanic eruption.

Health authorities reported on Wednesday that 21 of the wounded were in critical condition and needed help breathing.

It informs the authorities according to the newspaper the New Zealand Herald.

The kv├Žstedes burns are so severe that being sent 1.2 million square centimeter of skin for transplants from Australia and the UNITED states to hospitals in New Zealand.

in Addition, ten of the injured on the night of Thursday local time is transferred to the hospitals in Sydney in the australian state of New South Wales.

It informs the authorities in New South Wales to Reuters.

It is not know whether the ten that are to be transferred, are among the inpatients, who is in critical condition.

Among the persons, who were staying at White Island during the outbreak, four were tourists from Germany, two from the united kingdom, 24 from Australia, nine from the UNITED states, two from China and one from Malaysia.

in Addition, there were five local tourists from New Zealand.