President Donald Trump says that the UNITED states has concluded a trade agreement with China. He states according to Reuters, that the new duties in december will not be introduced.

In Beijing, says deputy finance minister Liao Min, at the same time at a news conference that the UNITED states and China agree on the conditions for a phase-a trade agreement.

the Agreement means that China immediately begin to buy u.s. agricultural products.

– We have reached an agreement on a big stage agreement with China. They have gone into many structural changes and new big purchases of us products, writes Trump on Twitter.

The chinese deputy minister for commerce, Wang Shouwen, says that there has been “significant progress”.

According to the us president, Donald Trump, will, however, continue to be some tariffs on chinese goods, writes Bloomberg News. It is according to him only straftolden, which would come into effect on Sunday, which is scrapped. The existing tariff rates of 25 per cent. will continue to be in force.

Wang Shouwen call agreement good for both the u.s. and chinese economy and says, to the parties as soon as possible to complete the agreement.

the Chinese say, according to the Bloomberg News says that the stage 2 negotiations depends on the implementation of the phase 1 agreement.