Lawyers for the president of the UNITED states Donald Trump affejer the charges in rigsretssagen against him and ask the senators to dismiss the case.

It appears by a record of the defense, you will present when the case really begins in the Senate on Tuesday.

the Lawyers calls on the Senate to reject the charges and acquit the president. According to them he has not committed acts that could lead to an impeachment.

– the Senate should quickly reject these inadequate rigsretsanklager and frifinde the president, says in a summary of the republican president’s defense, submitted to the Senate on Monday.

Trump accused of having abused his power and to have obstrueret Congressional work. It is apparent from the indictment, which the House of Representatives has sent to the Senate.

Democrats believe that Trump abused the power which is in his office, when he in July last year allegedly tried to pressure the president of Ukraine to dig the dirt up on the democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son.

It must be going on with threats to withhold american militærhjælp to Ukraine.

But Trumps lawyers believe that the president was in his full right to act as he did. It was to investigate corruption, they say.

the Lawyers refers to the charges against Trump as an ‘outrageous political act’, which is the result of an ‘engineered process’, as the Senate must reject.

This was stated by an unnamed source, who works in the president’s legal team, over for the newspaper the New York Times.

In the 111-pages long indictment, which is forwarded to the Senate, argues democratic politicians, to Trump the need to be removed from office to protect the UNITED states’national security.

The controversial president himself has repeatedly described the process as ‘a witch hunt’. He claims that he had no wrong done.

Trump is only the third of UNITED’s total of 45 presidents, liable to be set aside by impeachment.

Political observers estimate, however, that there is a fairly small risk of that happening. Trumps party members in The Republican Party has a majority in the Senate. To dismiss him, it requires that at least 20 republicans voting against the president.

Trump even are out of town, when the historic case against him be initiated. On Monday evening, he travels to Switzerland, where he participates in the annual summit of the World Economic Forum.