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Denmark triumphed again in the World Cup in the 4000 metres holdforfølgelsesløb, when the Danish crew won gold on Friday evening.

Here it went on the loose in Glasgow in season’s second division, and for the second Friday in a row there was glory to Lasse Norman Hansen, Julius Johansen, Frederik Madsen and Rasmus Pedersen, writing in the

Denmark defeated in guldfinalen Italy, who earlier Friday, set the Italian record.

the Italians also laid hard and led after the 1000 metres by half a second, but after 3000 metres, it was changed to a Danish lead with almost 0,8 seconds and drove the victory home.

At the OLYMPICS, it was to the Danish bronze. Photo: Gregers Tycho/Polfoto

a week ago won the danes guldfinalen in Belarus over France, as Italy finished in third place.

The following Sunday, secured the Michael Mørkøv and Lasse Norman Hansen also saw gold in the personal life.

Earlier in October won the Denmark european championships-gold in the 4000 metres holdforfølgelsesløb in the Netherlands with a cup of just the italians, and Mørkøv and Lasse Norman Hansen also secured EM-gold in the few.

the World Cup consists of six departments.

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