recently put the top model Chrissy Teigen an image on Instagram of himself and his daughter Luna, as she has together with her husband John Legend.

On the image is Chrissy Teigen wearing a large loose jacket, and she’s apparently nude under the jacket. You can at least see half of her one breast. Across from her is her daughter Luna in time to fix a little on his mother’s jacket. Therefore, writes Chrissy Teigen the following to the image:

‘Here, along with my very own stylist’.

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on set with my stylist

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Many of the top-model’s nearly 27 million followers, however, were outraged, that Chrissy Teigen is more or less half-naked under the jacket in front of his daughter. And the dishes sharp criticism against the international american top model.

A follow writes:

‘Is it really necessary to display your body on the way. You don’t have a good influence on your daughter.’

another writes:

‘Deck, however, your body to. Your daughter was sitting right across from you’.

This corresponds Chrissy Teigen, that her daughter is accustomed to her bare chest after all the breastfeeding that was going on, when she was a little younger:

‘My daughter has sucked on my breast for several months and have never worked, as if she was dissatisfied with something’.

most followers in the comments box defender, however, Chrissy Teigen and call ‘mother-daughter-image’ for both strong and touching.

A follow by the name of Melanie writes thus:

‘A woman who teaches her daughter that she needs to be comfortable in her own skin. Instead of teaching her daughter to be ashamed. It is just so beautiful. It is sad that so many people are so shameful about their own thoughts, that they are lashing out at such an innocent thing as this picture’.

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Thank you @baby2baby for the incredible honor this weekend. I am so proud to support such a wonderful and impactful organization

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