last weekend put the 31-year-old swede Emmy Slinge a picture of himself on Twitter, where she shot with a machine gun at a shooting range in Stockholm.

the Clip was quickly spread to the whole world, only because the Emmy Slinge according to many looks like Greta Thunberg on the dot. Especially at the video on Twitter. Around the world has several people confused the Emmy awards with Greta Thunberg, and many also have asked the question. Is it Greta?

It writes multiple media including Aftonbladet.

below you can see the emmy’s striking resemblance with the world-famous Swedish environment-activist Greta Thunberg.

Here is Emmy Slinge down and shoot with a machine gun. The image has gone around the world. And no. It is not Greta Thunberg.

– It is so sick, that I almost can’t find words for it, ” says Emmy for Aftonbladet and adds:

– In the beginning I went a little in panic. But now the laughs I just of the it, ” says Emmy.

Around the world many believed that it was Greta Thunberg, who shot with machine gun. Therefore, the video and commented and shared with blazing speed.

Already on Tuesday discovered Emmy, it was completely mad.

– When I came out from the hairdresser on Tuesday I had extremely many messages on my phone. And they were all in Portuguese, explains Emmy. And last Wednesday, she was in contact with the four journalists from Brazil, two from Canada and one from the Tyrket.

Here is the 31-year-old Swedish woman, who is now being compared with Greta Thunberg. (Photo: Private/Facebook)

In the beginning there were many who just pointed out the emmy’s equality with Greta on the social media. But it also went far over the line. A brazilian politician by the name of Leticia Aguiar shared according to Aftonbladet the video and claimed that it was Greta Thunberg.

Many people also took the video to make fun. Some wrote comments as f.ex.: ‘When Greta sees you use a straw’.

– But in fact it is totally okay for me to be compared with a young woman who is fighting for a good cause. explains to Emmy, who expect that she will in the future probably going to get nicknamed the ‘Greta’.

Including Emmy on Twitter explained the big chaos, she saw, after to have put his video out on Twitter.