Simon Iversen was with one acclaim, as he for a little over two years ago took cocaine on tv in the programme ‘Hard on the outside’. Here was an environment marked by drugs, tattoos, and steroids portrayed.

But the program had important consequences for the 31-year-old Simon Iversen, who cultivated the bodybuilder-the environment and hang out with friends, where steroids were common. For when Simon Iversen projected on the screen, it fell not on good ground with them, he went around and thought were his friends.

– There is, in fact, that I have recorded it here, the program is ‘Hard on the outside,’ where I stand about steroids and drugs, and then turns the environment to me is actually a little back. Where I buy the steroids, I become blocked in the app, where you purchase it. This here group of friends, I really thought were my comrades, the ones I hear just don’t from more, he says, and adds tragicomic:

– in fact, I think I went around and thought that peers had dissolved itself, but it had not. They had just shut me out. It hits straight in the heart – absolutely game.

Danish well-known – 9. nov. 2019 – at. 17:56 Stuffed himself with drugs and steroids: My sperm count is in the bottom

Simon Iversen has seen the downside of both drugs and steroids, which he conducts lectures around through the platform enprocenternok. He has seen, how large the muscles trumfede the ability to a natural erection, and he has experienced, how the problems associated with a greater intake of narcotic substances piled up, so he was thinking about life at all was to keep out.

Hear how the intake of steroids and drugs meant that he changed as a person including:

As the environment has turned their back on him, it was a perhaps much-needed push to finally leave life in the fast lane, it started so awesome and ended up changing him as a person.

– I will not sit by and say that it was pure dismay, and I had it so hard, for I have experienced some really cool things, and it has been great fun in many points. But everything is fun in the beginning. It’s like getting a new car, it is your whole life and topfed in three months, and then it goes just downhill. When I came into the bodybuilder-the environment, everything was new. It was new people, new music, new experiences, new emotions because of the medications, to fill themselves with. The steroids gave me a new feeling in the body, the substances gave me a new feeling in the body. It was just the way forward, he explains, and continues:

Simon Iversen stuffed themselves with steroids to look big and strong. Since he came out of the abuse and threw himself into life as potential. Private

I’m a mentally strong person, but no matter how mentally strong you are, if you fills you with hormones and drugs, so at one time or another, you start to make so much imbalance up in your little head – there are not any who can bear it there. It is probably your world, who discovers it before you do.

He noticed only after a while, how he had changed. Suddenly he could find to throw with his dog, if not it behaved as he wanted.

– You turn in a pace, where you don’t even notice it, but suddenly your mates, girlfriend and family well see that it is completely skewed. Your temper, you will kortluntet. I noticed that my mood swings were constant and very strong. Suddenly my feelings outside on the clothes, and I should all the time be right, he explains.

Below you can hear the entire broadcast, where Martin Celosse-Andersen and Simon Iversen tells about their past as, respectively, the rocker and depending on the other substances. They talk about their upbringing, and about how they both have come out of environments. Today, they keep the lectures for young people, where they share their experiences.