the Authorities declare a state of emergency in the areas around Sydney, where residents are warned of a ‘catastrophic fire risk’.

It writes the AFP news agency.

There are introduced afbrændingsforbud, and residents warned to move out in bushområder.

this is The first time ever that there has been so much fire hazard in the areas around Sydney, which is Australia’s largest city.

the Fire service in Australia has in recent days been struggling to get control of more than 100 forest fires raging in the states of New South Wales and Queensland.

Authorities fear for the weather conditions on Tuesday and Wednesday, with high temperatures and strong winds are expected to aggravate the situation drastically.

the Weather has been prime minister of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, to introduce a state of emergency the next seven days.

Three people have lost their lives at the weekend during the fires in the state. Thousands have been evacuated and at least 150 homes have been destroyed by the flames.

the Fires have not so far approached the Sydney and surrounding areas.

There live over five million people in the area of ‘Greater Sydney’.

In the inner part of the city of Sydney live around 240.000 people. This is greatly influenced by the more than 600,000 daily visitors.

It is particularly the wine district Hunter Valley, extending from approximately 120 to 310 kilometres north of Sydney, which is feared to be affected by the fires.

And also see the fire danger to be high in the Blue Mountains, around 100 kilometres west of Sydney.

– must All be aware, no matter where you are, and all must expect the worst, ” says Gladys Berejiklian, according to news agency Reuters.

Several months of drought have left the earth and the plants on the australian east coast dry as dust. It has created dangerous conditions, which increase the risk of forest fires breaking out and spreading.

forest Fires are not uncommon during the australian summer. But the many forest fires, which now have engulfed the country in the spring season, come as a surprise.

In February 2009 was Australia affected by the worst fire in the country’s history. At the time, was 173 killed and 414 injured in the state of Victoria.