The Swedish klimaaktivist Greta Thunberg takes over christmas, a break from his campaign to get countries around the world to strengthen their climate policy.

The writing medium The Hill.

– I’m coming home for christmas, and then I will take a holiday, because you need to rest. Otherwise, you can’t do it here all the time, said the 16-year-old activist, having participated in a klimaaktion in Turin on Friday.

Thousands of young people protested in the Italian city in an attempt to make the Italian government to increase efforts to reduce emissions of CO2.

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Turin, which is the hometown of car manufacturer Fiat and other large industrial enterprises, is one of the most polluted cities in Italy.

– 2019 is almost over. We must make sure that 2020 will be the year. A year where we bow before the global udledningskurve, she said in a speech to the crowd Friday.

– We will put pressure on those who are in power, she added.

Thunberg refuses to travel by plane because of its large emissions of CO2. Therefore, the arrived she to the northern Italian city by train and car from Madrid, where she had participated in the UN climate talks.

Her reluctance to put themselves up in a flight meant that she and august had to find another way to get to New York to attend a united nations meeting.

She crossed the Atlantic on board a udledningsfri sailboat. Then she participated in several months of klimaprotester and demonstrations.

It is only good a year ago, to the Great Thunberg began his skolestrejke for the climate.

She was away from teaching every Friday and marched in place in front of the Riksdag in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm.

Pupils and students in many countries have since been inspired by Thunberg.

And earlier this week she was named the Person of 2019 by the american news magazine Time.

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