Cecilie Hother and her husband, Thomas Gregers Honoré, threw himself into something of a project, when they decided to build the house, as the couple earlier this year moved into.

The house has taken much time for the tv host and the man, and it continues to do in the near future. Even though they moved in, so they are not yet fully in place.

– The most recent time has welcomed a huge house, and so you’re probably thinking,’ What do you say yes every time’. But it is not just the case that you snap your fingers, and then it is fixed, says Cecilie Hother to Ekstra Bladet.

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Cecilie Hother and Thomas Gregers Honoré, together parents of three-year-old Elinor. Photo: Linda Johansen

the Pair have, however, been so far, that christmas this year is to be celebrated in the house. And it’s not going to go quiet, she rolls fast.

– I am me. It will be the first christmas, we keep at home, and I get to go christmas-crazy. Completely totally and utterly, ” she says, and elaborates:

– For us it is very much about food. We are very happy. So we have already ordered both the duck and roast pork, and we are ready, laughs she.

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She says that christmas is going to be a mix of her and Thomas’ family, so there will be a part of the guests.

It will be so wonderful, she rolls fast.

Cecilie Hother and Thomas Gregers Honoré was earlier in the year married.