as soon As you leave the dealer in your new car, then decreases the car’s value very quickly. The so-called loss of value of the is unquestionably the biggest part of a car’s life cycle cost, so therefore it makes a great difference on the afskrivningsprocenten is 50 or 40. Bilbasen have analyzed værditabene, and have a good news to vehicle owners.

It informs Bilbasen in a press release.

The good news is that the car in general has a record low loss of value in years. This is due to two things. Secondly, prices on both new and used cars has fallen from 2015 to 2017, and then price movements have stabilized. It is good for both buyers as sellers, because they know the prices, can be bought and sold for, so overall its reduction, from the at a record low, says Jan Lang, market research analyst at Bilbasen.

He says that for the most popular models from the most sought-after brands the depreciation will be less than 45 percent, where the few years ago was about 50 percent over three years and 60,000 kilometres of driving.

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Buy this car model
What should you look for if you want to select a vehicle model, where its reduction, from the is low?

According to Bilbasen is it good advice to buy a car that is sought after by as many as possible, when it must be sold again.

On the background is a black station wagon in the mid-range with a medium-sized gasoline engine the best choice. Here, you can go down in the loss of value around 40 percent, which is a record low. Choose to reverse a car model that appeals to significantly less car buyers, increases the write-off. A three-door GTI model with big rims and many horsepower loses between 50 and 55 percent at three years.

When Jan Long must point to a specific car brand, then lands the answer on the Czech Skoda.

Skoda has through the years been a good buy, compared to its reduction, from the, and again this year, placing the Czech brand from the VW group itself as the most værdifaste car brand.

– It is the hallmark of Skoda, that they on the Danish market has a conservative pricing strategy, which means that the owners everything else just has really good conditions in order to assess their loss of value, says Jan Long.

He points out that it is vital for car buyers in proportion to its reduction, from the, that they can safely buy one of the cars and know that it is not being put over 30,000 dollars down the month after. At the same time propagate prisstrategien on brugtbilmarkedet, where gensalgsprisen over the years also becomes higher.

Gasoline is the best
In recent years, the Danish car buyers chose gasoline cars over diesel cars. Therefore afskrivningsforholdet between the two engine types shifted in favor of benzinbilerne.

– Previous was a dieselbil more maintains its value than benzinbilen, but it has changed. The main reason for this is that the demand is great for new as well as used gasoline cars, and therefore falls værditabene, says Jan Long.
He elaborates, that it is especially the older diesel cars, which loses its value at the moment. Newer diesel vehicles less than four years loses the same as the newer gasoline cars.

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