MALMÖ (Ekstra Bladet): The Danish world champions took the trip across the sound to Malmö as the big favorites to win the CHAMPIONSHIP.

But the finals have so far been far from successful for Nikolaj Jacobsen’s selected.

Here are five points where things do not have worked:

: Magnus Landin got injured his toe in Metz against Norway just over a week before the european championship began. He has not yet been able to play at the finals, and it has meant massive changes in the Danish team. Young Landin should have covered the ball, so that Mikkel Hansen could stand up a wing in defense, but at the same time to be the man that could orchestrate the Danish kontraspil. It is never come to work. Fortunately Landin available in tonight’s match against Russia.

: With Landin outside the Nikolaj Jacobsen had to run with the more defence-angrebsudskiftninger than otherwise intended. Two of the ones we have seen in both matches, and it goes out of rhythm on both ends. In order to avoid the entire three defence angrebsudskiftninger have a national coach in the periods of time have had to use Henrik Møllgaard as the left wing in the attack. He did it fine against Iceland, but it is not optimal, that Møllgaard must use her powers to milling back and forth between defense and attack. He must be the man who brings together the defense. It is his main task.

the : At the WORLD championships a year ago, sat the Danish overtalsspil in the closet. This time, it has not worked. Too many opportunities have been wasted. We have not profited by the opponents of the expulsions. As Nikolaj Jacobsen tried to play seven to six against Hungary, it fell completely to the ground. The two orkesterledere, Mikkel Hansen and Morten Olsen, found no rhythm and created no chances. It was a big bet.

: Hungary got stressed the Danish attack by running with something that looked like two mandsopdækninger. This meant that the Danish right-back, which in turns were Mikkel Hansen and Niclas Kirkeløkke, was isolated. Then they stood on flat feet, and warmed the ball. Lacked run and movement around them. Among other things, some fløjovergange so the big space in the Hungarian defense could be exploited. But who lacked both the race and the pace.

: It is a golden rule in handball that you must take good care of the ball. When Denmark became world champions, it was just one of the disciplines, which the team performed to perfection. The technical error was almost non-existent. At the european championships has the team in many crucial situations thrown the ball away. Here are Mikkel Hansen’s failed and all of the of the handing over of the Island-the fight to Magnus Saugstrup by the post 29-29. Iceland caught the ball and scored subsequently in the empty goal. Against Hungary made Denmark 11 technical errors. It is more than the team did at the entire WORLD cup last year.

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