the Crisis is the british royal family has barely gained its end, within which is created a new trouble.

This time it is a private letter, as the media the Mail on Sunday has brought that again has got Suits-the star on the cover of the british netmedier.

the Letter was written to the duchess controversial father, Thomas Markle, in 2018, and included a prayer from Meghan on the that the danger would stay away from the press, so they could solve their family problems internally.

It was prince Harry and the duchess Meghan to sue the newspaper the Mail on Sunday to have misused private information, breached her rights, and even to have edited in the letter.

But now you respond again with a 44 pages long answer, in which they reject the couple’s charges, writes the BBC.

the Newspaper’s main argument is that the royal family live of stories about them and their lives, so they can maintain their privileged positions and promote themselves.

in Addition, the considers the newspaper, that Meghan Markle even have contributed to the fact that the letter was brought, when she, according to the newspaper itself has prompted a number of girlfriends to speak with a us magazine about the duchess relationship with the father.

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Intl. well-known – 10. jan. 2020 – pm. 10:08 Royal house-crisis: These pictures were the last straw

In relation to the rights to the letter believes the newspaper is not that they have done something wrong.

They believe that the letter was not a protected literary work, but a retelling of existing facts, just as they swear, they are the published excerpts are reproduced in the correct tone and meaning.

the Ballad began in earnest in October, when the pair told him that they would take action against the newspaper the Mail on Sunday.

the law Firm Schillings, who represents Meghan, accused the british newspaper the Mail on Sunday to write false and derogatory stories about her.

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Mail content was published illegally on a deliberately destructive way to manipulate you, the reader. I lost my mother and now I see my wife become a victim of some powerful forces, said the 35-year-old prince Harry.

the Mail on Sundays, response comes in the wake of a series of turbulent days in the british royal family.

8. January sent prince Harry and the duchess Meghan shock waves through the Uk and the rest of the world when they announced that they resigned as a quite senior members of the british royal family.

But five days later, they sign out, that after an intense meeting at Sandringham House, queen Elizabeth, prince Charles, and his two sons, William and Harry reached a decision.

even Though it is against her will, accepts queen Elizabeth, to her grandson Harry and his wife Meghan pulls back as the ‘prominent’ members of the british royal family.

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‘today, had my family a very constructive discussion regarding my grandson and his family’s future. My family and I are very supportive about Harry and Meghans decision to create a new life as a young family. Although we would have preferred that they had been as full-time by the royal family, we respect and understand their desire to live a more independent life as a family, at the same time that they remain valued members of my family.’

‘Harry and Meghan has made it clear that they do not want to be reliant on government funding in their new life. It has therefore been decided that there will be a period of transition, where the Sussexes will spend time in Canada and the united kingdom.’

‘This is a complex question, as my family must solve, and there is more work yet to be done, but I have asked that the final decisions must be reached in the coming days.’