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As Ekstra Bladet yesterday could tell, have the Attorney with Boris Frederiksen in the forefront helped to raise the fees for the 172 million on the work of the seven failed banks.

Rigmandsbanken Capinordic is the of the banks, where the hourly wage rate has been the maximum of 2723 euros. It covers everything from students and agents to lawyers and partners who have worked on the case.

But when the state’s favorite lawyer working as a curator in bankruptcy cases, so it is not a part of the Kammeradvokatordningen, and therefore you do not need to be based on the state’s rates, which is significantly below the normal hourly rate for the lawyers.

Even if it were only the partners, who had performed all the work on Capinordic-lived, they would be able to take the same hourly rate.

today, it costs so the state of 2491 crowns in an hour, when a partner is on the case. A paralegal costs half that.

Partner: 2.491 crowns

Lawyer > 3 years: 2.019 crowns

Lawyer < 3 years: 1.688 crowns

Paralegal: 1.245 crowns

‘In timepriserne is recognised all Kammeradvokatens underlying capacity and støtteomkostninger, including remuneration of the employees in other categories than those mentioned above.’

All amounts are excl. vat.

Source: Moderniseringsstyrelsen

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And then it generally matter whether the Attorney is ended up as the curator of a bankrupt estate in his capacity of being the state’s preferred lawyer. In the case of Capinordic it should be noted, however, that Boris Frederiksen was not appointed because he was state’s attorney.

– the Fees in konkursboerne is not paid by the state, but of the estate assets and thus of all the creditors, says Boris Frederiksen to Ekstra Bladet.

Normally, it is not possible to see how many hours the partners and lawyers have spent on an insolvent estate in relation to the students, and trustees.

But in the estate in bankruptcy of Amagerbanken, where Boris Frederiksen, along with his co-curator Jørgen Holst so far has earned 96 million dollars for a little more than 40,000 hours of work, it has been specified in the latest so-called acontobegæring.

Here it appears that partners accounted for around 13,5 percent of the hours, while the lawyers stood for 54 percent, and the trustees standing for 30 percent. The remaining hours was students, and similar, with around three percent.

If you out from this was based on the state timetakster would bill for Amagerbanken be around 68 million.

The set timetakster, as the Attorney receives for his work for the state, are also being currently renegotiated.

Moderniseringsstyrelsen provide to Ekstra Bladet, one expects that a new agreement will be ready in the beginning of the new year.