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Storentreprenøren Bach, the Group has built an illegal skurby of the gigantic construction project is The Bastion in Copenhagen, where, among other eastern european craftsmen live and sleep.

It has the city of Copenhagen confirmed to Ekstra Bladet.

The Bastion to form an area of 125,000 square meters at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen. Photo: Aleksander Klug

Prior to the confirmation had Extra Leaf even visited the square, where several persons reported that they either lived in skurbyen, or that they knew that the other did it.

A man in work clothes, who told that he came from Lithuania, confirmed that he lived on the square, and appointed its own utility trailer, when he was asked, where in the square he lived.

A Danish woman, who works as a chef for the people in the square, confirmed that there live many eastern european workers in the square, just before she told the press in no way was welcome.

She then contacted a director of the Bach Group, which shortly after arrived.

the Director, who also introduced himself as the construction manager at the site, Henrik Bo Bach, came shortly after and threw the Extra Leaf out of the skurbyen.

by the same token, he claimed that the company had permission to let the craftsmen live and sleep in the skurvognene, as the Bach Group has been made up.

The Bastion is a close up at the Copenhagen University and is scheduled to cover an area of 125,000 square meters and up to 1000 homes, when it once is finished.

Article continues below pictures …

Director of the Bach and optimization, Anders Bo Bach, has heard from his people in the square, that ‘the material conditions’ for the builders in the skurbyen is in order, he says to Ekstra Bladet. Photo: Aleksander Klug

According to figures from the Danish Agency for Labour market and Recruitment is particularly the number of workers from Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland have increased significantly over the past ten years.

Academic secretary at 3F BJMF Rasmus Kreutzmann says, especially among the very groups of foreign workers in construction are many cases on, among other housing conditions, which do not live up to applicable rules.

– We are seeing more and more cases, and the situation is getting worse and worse.

– in Particular among the group of romanians, lithuanians and ukrainians, we see many cases, which can come in the category of social dumping.

– We face many of the artisans from the countries where the companies have a lot of bad excuses for why the conditions are not right, he says.

From 2008 to 2018, the number of romanians who are working in Denmark, among other things, increased from less than 2000 to more than 16,000.

the Number of poles is increased from about 19,000 to more than 27,000, while the number of lithuanians has increased from less than 2000 to more than 9000.

the technical and environmental administration in the Copenhagen Municipality has according to Ekstra inquiry itself has been on inspection in the square.

Here, you could find that there was not given permission to the construction of the skurbyen, writes centerchefen in the technical and environmental administration in Copenhagen, Rikke Sønderriis, in a written reply to Ekstra Bladet.

– Our people were at the construction site on Monday, in another connection and was informed that spent the night crew in the skurvogne and caravans on the square. We have not given permission for.

– the Management has previously given permission to stay in the børnehavepavilloner, which is located at the side of the skurbyen.

– the Bach Group has announced that they will now seek permission to do, that they also may live in campingvognene and skurvognene, she writes.

Article continues below pictures …

the Back of the sheds where the craftsmen live. Photo: Aleksander Klug

One of the newly constructed buildings on The Bastion. Photo: Aleksander Klug

Director of the Bach Group, Anders Bo Bach says to Ekstra Bladet, that he regrets that the correct permissions have not been sought.

– the Authorization does not exist at the moment, and it is not o.k. We must live up to the rules. It must be brought in order with the same, and it gets it.

– I do not think that there are any who expect that the authorisation can not be given. But it requires a completely general application, where we must prove some conditions before the permit can be granted.

– I am glad that we have had focus on it here, for we are not interested in having relationships that don’t live up to the rules. So we are happy that we can get it here put in order, he says.

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