A year’s worth of voices, beautiful girls and strobes culminates soon as once again, when we about a good week’s time, on the basis of readers ‘ votes, can declare the top of the pops: the Year the Page 9-girl 2019.

As always, the Magazine’s readers, who are to declare ’the end of Page 9-girl’ and decide who runs with the honor, and the grand prize of 10,000 good, Danish kroner.

the Girls are obviously excited. They will all really like to win, because it means even said a part, with the feedback they get from the fans of Page 9. But Page 9-the girls also know that there can only be one winner, and they have great respect for each other, and share the excitement and the nervousness.

Find your favorite, and cast your vote. On Monday the 27. January we present the 5 Page 9-girls that have received the most votes. Then again, a vote. Friday the 31. January we reveal who has been no. 3-2 and 1 by winning an award at the Ekstra Bladet in Copenhagen.

You can of course follow the girls and vote towards the election. You will see much more to our wonderful Page 9-girls, so we present exclusive galleries and ’Joan Divines Forsideskole’ in Ekstra Bladet++.

thank you In advance for your vote!

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