Verdensranglistens number one in men’s doubles, Robert Farah, has been suspended after he was tested positive for use of performance-enhancing substances.

It has sent shock waves through the tennissporten prior to the year’s first Grand Slam tournament, the Australian Open, which starts 20. January.

The 32-year-old colombianer has 15 ATP titles on the resume, including wins at last year’s Wimbledon and the US Open.

the Star was tested positive for a too high content of the substance boldenon, there should be a kind of naturally occurring anabolic steroids.

– It is one of the most sad days in my life, and without a doubt the saddest day of my career, says Farah even in a press release, and he does not believe the verdict is fair.

I have never used the products, challenging the fair play and the ethics, which characterizes the sport and particularly tennis, which I love so much, says Farah.

Colombianeren can explain everything. He believes that the high concentration of the substance is derived from some food, he innocently has taken.

– As the olympic committee in Colombia disseminated in 2018, then it becomes prohibited substance is often found in colombian food, which can affect the test results for the practitioners. I am sure that it is it that has caused it here, he explains.

on Top of that he tells that he as late as ten days before the went free the test, as he has done countless times in the course of the last year.

By his own admission, he was through the 15 doping controls in 2019, where he was pronounced clean all the corridors.

Together with his team he will now work to get to the bottom of the case. The goal is of course to be acquitted, he explains, and he has ambitions to return on the tennis court before long.

But in the interim the Australian Open thus without Robert Farah, who has struggled to the top in the discipline with fellow countryman Juan Sebastián Cabal at his side as doublepartner.

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