The american model Gigi Hadid may be one of the 12 jurors in an ongoing trial in New York, where the former film producer Harvey Weinstein is accused of sexual assault.

the Process of picking the 12 jurors began Wednesday of last week. Several candidates have already been exempted. Mainly because they do not believe that they could be impartial.

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on Monday continued the process, since the over 100 potential candidates met up in a court room in Manhattan. Including the 24-year-old Gigi Hadid, who as a resident in Manhattan was convened.

Hadid stated to the judge, James Burke, that she previously met Harvey Weinstein, who was previously one of Hollywood’s most influential people.

despite his meeting with Weinstein said Hadid, that it would not affect her judgment.

– I believe that I am still able to have an open mind about the facts, she said.

She has also previously met the actor Salma Hayek, which may be called as a witness in the case. But nor does it consider Gigi Hadid as a possible problem, if she is appointed.

Dozens of the persons, who on Monday had turned up in court, was quickly eliminated, after they had announced that they were not impartial.

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35 of the attendees was asked to come back on Thursday for the second phase of the selection. Here they will be questioned in more detail about their background. It is to be seen on Gigi Hadid are among these.

the First phase of the process will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday.

the Lawsuit against the Weinstein deals with two cases of violence against women.

In one case, he performed supposedly consensual production assistant Mimi Haleyi against her will in 2006 in weinstein’s Manhattan apartment.

in Addition, the evils he is, according to the charges another woman in a hotel room in New York city in 2013. The woman’s identity is not publicly known.

The 67-year-old Weinstein has declared himself innocent of both charges.