136 persons at the time of writing the dead of coronavirussen and more than 6000 infected with the disease, which broke out in the chinese city of Wuhan and in little more than a month has spread from China to the 13 other countries in the world.

According to the WHO, it is too early to rate corona-the outbreak as an international health crisis. But, the world is prepared if a pandemic – a worldwide epidemic – were to break out?

the Answer is no.

Such is the conclusion in a report that came out in september 2019, and is compiled by the world health organisation’s expert panel, Global Preparedness, the Monitoring Board (GPMB).

‘the Number of outbreaks has been increasing in the last decades, and the prospect of a global sundhedsnødsituation is great,’ wrote the GPMB in the report.

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In several parts of Asia going people with masks to protect themselves against coronavirussen. Photo: Mladen Antonov/Ritzau Scanpix

the GPMB’s report is based on the – according to them – the real danger is that an ‘infectious, fast-spreading, airborne and very deadly pandemic, which can beat the 50 to 80 million people to death and eradicate almost five percent of the world’s economy’ may break out.

Therefore close to the worst case scenario, you can imagine, when it comes to pandemics.

According to the GPMB is the risk of pandemic outbreak greater, because the world has become more connected. Therefore, a highly contagious disease quickly cross the border.

Increased population growth, environmental damage, climate change, urbanization, and the increasing number of people who travel around the world or migrate, are all factors which increase the risk.

And the world is not prepared. But what about Denmark?

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the Virus is believed to be best in the chinese city of Wuhan. Photo: Anthony Wallace/Ritzau Scanpix

Tyra Grove Krause is chief physician and head of department at the Danish State serum institute. According to her, there are teams in the GPMB’s report.

– We know with certainty, that there will be new pandemics. It is just a matter of when, she said to Ekstra Bladet, when the report came out.

According to Tyra Grove Krause, Denmark, in turn, well-prepared for an epidemic or pandemic.

– Denmark has a strong preparedness where various sectors work together.

Denmark is thus prepared, if a new and unknown epidemic – as coronavirussen – should hit here at home.

Community – 24. jan. 2020 – pm. 11:09 China will build virushospital in Wuhan in just ten days

According to the national board of Health, however, there is only a small risk that there will be a corona-infected patient to Denmark, and due to Denmark’s strong preparedness, it is particularly unlikely that we’ll get an epidemic.

the Board on Tuesday updated the risk assessment for the virus, and it is still low.

– It is still our assessment that the risk that we get a patient with corona virus in Denmark, is small, says the director of the national board of Health Søren Brostrøm to Ekstra Bladet.

And as our preparedness is screwed together, so we don’t get major diseases.

Søren Brostrøm informs that the board of Health has the responsibility for smitteberedskabet, and that they constantly updates it.

– Things should be in place in peacetime, so if the crisis comes, you can activate the different bodies in the society, he says.

even Though the Danish Health and medicines authority assesses the risk to be low, they have issued guidelines and advice on how one should relate to the disease.

They have also approved the departments at Skejby and Hvidovre Hospital to accept patients with coronavirussen, if someone were to be infected.

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Almost all public transport is cancelled in Wuhan, and if you go outside, are police officers ready to take one’s temperature. Photo: Anthony Wallace/Ritzau Scanpix

Community – 28. jan. 2020 – pm. 12:03 Seven danes will be evacuated from the virusramt province

because of virusudbruddet several countries have announced that they will evacuate their nationals from Wuhan. The ministry of foreign affairs advises against all non-necessary travel to Hubei province in China.

‘the Risks are so serious that you should have specific reasons to visit the area/country,’ writes the ministry’s citizen service, in its updated travel advice.

‘Important business, and urgent family can get travelers to consider a visit is necessary.’

Coronavirussen has spread from China to several countries around the world, namely Japan, south Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the US, France, Australia and most recently Germany.

According to the GPMB, the world is not well enough prepared, if a sundhedsnødsituation was going to happen. Therefore, depicting in their report seven ways in which the world can prepare. Here are the seven points in a simplistic version:

1. Governments in all countries should commit to the chase and invest in to be prepared. They must do this by implementing their legally binding obligations under the WHO’s international health regulations. Countries should prioritize and dedicate resources as an integral part of national and global security.

2. Countries and organisations must take the lead and implement their political and economic commitments.

3. Countries must build strong systems, and the inclusion of all in society.

4. Countries and institutions must be prepared, that the worst can happen.

5. Financial institutions should relax the preparations for the financial risikoplanlægning.

6. Institutions and organizations must increase funding to the poorest and most vulnerable countries.

7. The united nations must strengthen its coordination mechanisms.

Source: the GPMB’s report ‘A World at Risk’. Read the full text of the seven points here.

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Community – 28. jan. 2020 – pm. 10:43 Man infected with corona virus in Germany